dvd---on-the-trail-of-genghis-khan.jpgTGK frontcover

For anyone in the Antipodes looking for a good summer read I would definitely recommend Tim Cope’s new book On the Trail of Genghis Khan. It’s the story of Tim’s three-year horse-powered trek from Mongolia to Hungary tracing the path of the Mongols, its an absorbing book covering the history, politics and environment of the regions he moves through but it is Tim’s compassion, tenacity and adaptability on the trail that stood out for me. He is a true gentle-man (me and my kids met him last year at a reading) and this comes across in the book. He made it through some incredible situations because of the trust he had in people and his animals – a trust that was reciprocated. The story is a parable of openness we all need to lead a good life.

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