Jono has guided, trekked and skied around the world, in the Arctic, Alps, Rockies, Himalayas, Australia, the  African Sahel and New Zealand.

Here’s some thoughts from Walking the Earth’s Spine about that most basic and essential of movements:

“Over those years the Himalayas developed as my sanctuary and in a quiet way walking became the means through which I could fathom my loss. Walking induces clarity; it’s pace and simplicity engenders contemplation. In the conscious motion of my footsteps was heightened awareness. Walking became my filter – the goodness I experienced in the Himalayas came to me from the ground up.”

Jono has escorted World Expeditions treks to the Himalaya in 2015 and 2018 and there are plans for more such trips in the future.

monk and ponies.jpg


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