So my new book is out now in Canada. The blurb says:

Searching for Breath, is a book about my quest to understand the essence of our most important bodily function, respiration; how it sustains us – physically, psychologically and spiritually – and how we can manage it to make our lives better.

We all breathe 25,000 times a day, it is intrinsic to life on earth. However, almost everyone takes it for granted and yet this essential bodily process is something we can control. Modern science and ancient traditions have proven that by regulating our breathing we gain control and direction in our lives. Breathing is a superpower hidden in front of our eyes.

Breathwork has become the hot topic in health and wellness over the past few years; it’s featured in many of the world’s most popular health and wellness channels (Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Joe Rogan, Rich Roll, Ted Talks, Tony Robbins) and in the past few years a string of bestselling books have come out around the phenomenon. The New York Times bestselling Breath by James Nestor (Penguin, July 2020), the Sunday Times bestselling Wim Hof Method (Penguin, September, 2020), Dan Brule’s bestselling Just Breathe (Simon and Schuster, March 2017).

All of these books focus on a particular aspect or form of breathwork; what makes Searching for Breath different is how it provides a holistic background to breathing, why do we breathe, how do we breathe, how it connects us to the world around us, how it creates the energy our bodies and minds demand, how it affects emotion, how does breathing – and therefore our bodies and minds – adjust to extreme environments. Searching for Breath gives the reader a complete physiological, psychological, historical and spiritual foundation before introducing the myriad of breath systems in use around the world today. Lineen wants the reader to be in awe of their breath before they decide to use it for their own benefit.

Searching for Breath is not a simple how-to manual, it combines science, history, religion, art and philosophy, and wraps them around events in Lineen’s own life – from high altitude mountaineering in the Himalayas, to free diving off the coast of Australia, to delivering babies in the midst of the Sierra Leonean civil war, to ski racing on the World Cup circuit – to create an extremely readable and immersive work that informs and initiates the reader into the journey of breath.

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