There’s all sorts of walking… Descending rocky ridges and talus slopes is a specialty unto itself. It is an irregular dancing – always shifting – step of walk on slabs and scree. The breathe and eye are always following this uneven rhythm. It is never paced or clocklike but flexing – little jumps – sidesteps, going for a well seen place to put a foot on a rock, hit flat, move on – zig-zagging along and all deliberate. The alert eye looking ahead, picking footholds to come, while never missing the step of the moment. The body-mind is so at one with the this rough world that it takes these moves effortlessly once it has a bit of practice. The mountain keeps up with the mountain. 

Gary Snyder   (count on him to make the rough and tumble adrenalin of scree hopping into poetry – thanks)    The Practice of the Wild 


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