Into the Heart of the Himalayas FC

Jono’s new book, Into the Heart of the Himalayas, is available now through bookstores, e-book  HERE and HERE through Melbourne University Publishing.


Jono Lineen has been walking and talking for quite a few decades; he’s been writing about walking and talking for 20 years.

Visit his webpage HERE

Jono is a writer inspired by landscape and humankind’s connection to it. He spent eight years in the Himalayas studying Buddhism, Hinduism and the languages of the region.

Jono works as a curator at the National Museum of Australia. He has written for titles as varied as Yoga Journal, Dispatches, Ins and Outs, Hinduism Today, Museum, Icon and Escape magazines. His first book, River Trilogy, was a comparative travelogue of three of the world’s great rivers and their connection to the populations living along their length. His second book narrates the story of his 2700 kilometre solo trek across the Himalayas and its relationship to his coming to terms with the tragic death of his younger brother.

Reviews of Into the Heart of the Himalayas have said:

The Sydney Morning Herald,

“His voice is as measured as the footsteps he takes; it is informed and intelligent and yet his ideas are as simple as the tea and lentils he ate while hiking.”

The Melbourne Age,

“Giving away the end of a book is considered not so much poor form but an indictable offence. Nevertheless, the last few lines of Jono Lineen’s memoir are a potent way to give the reader the essence of his book: ”Every good thought is a prayer.” This is the conclusion Lineen reaches after an extraordinary odyssey he undertook, walking the length of the Western Himalayas alone, from Pakistan to Nepal. …He makes it easy to accept the profoundness of “every good thought is a prayer.”

Wild Magazine,

“This is not your standard adventure yarn. Many years and multiple drafts after he completed his epic trek across Pakistan, India and Nepal, Lineen brings us the very personal diary of a 2700-kilometre spiritual quest to come to terms with the freak drowning of his younger brother. … The book features plenty of moments of pure adventure… but none of these are as dramatic as his first stumbling out of the shadows of his grief.”

There is a comprehensive interview with Natasha Mitchell on ABC radio’s Life Matters program HERE.



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